Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Goals

Here's a review of our 2014 goals.


1. Read 7 books. Done and more! I read The Help, Mao's Last Dancer, My Story (twice), Little Princes, What Alice Forgot, The Rent Collector, The Wednesday WarsThe Light Between Oceans, Okay for Now, and Landline.

2. Finish projects I've started, but not finished. Done. I finally made Peyton's birth announcement, had our 2012 blog book printed, decorated our downstairs bathroom (that was huge), and made some 4th of July and autumn crafts from my stash. 

3. Run the Ragnar. Done. And it was awesome!

4. Serve outside our home at least once a month. Done. I didn't do a good job keeping track, but with babysitting kids for friends and taking dinners to families in our ward, I'm fairly certain I did something at least once a month.


1. Read 8 books. Not quite - he read 5. Inferno, Broken Things to Mend, Blink, The Alchemist, and Outliers.

2. Find more family names. Done.

3. Run the Ragnar and try road biking. Half done - he ran the Ragnar, but didn't try road biking. He did get a trainer and has been riding his mountain bike in the garage.

4. Be kinder to those he loves. Done. I'll vouch for him on this one.


1. Learn to ride a bike with training wheels. Done.

2. Learn how to write all the letters. Maybe. He definitely knows how to write his name, but I'm not so sure about the other letters. 

3. Learn to recognize numbers. Done.

4. Eat what we eat for dinner and try new foods without a fight. Done. Sometimes he only eats 4 bites and he occasionally does put up a bit of a fight, but he's doing much better.


1. Learn to ride her tricycle. Done.

2. Learn shapes. Done.

3. Learn colors. Not quite - she usually mixes up blue and green, but she's got pink and purple down!

4. Learn to count to ten. Done. 

And our family goals:

1. Go to the temple once a month. Done.

2. Go on a date once a month. Done.

3. Make our wills. Nope. I totally forgot about this until Rog reminded me in November and I haven't had time to do anything about it since then.

4. Add clothing/supplies to our 72 hour kits and store water. Nope. Totally forgot about this too!