Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Letters

Yesterday while feeding the ducks we ran into Cailey who snapped this picture for me.
Dear Weather,
Thank you for having beautiful days this week. Tuesday and Wednesday were not so good, but Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and today have been beautiful. It gives me hope that spring is coming.
A mom who is tired of trying to entertain her crazy little boy inside
Dear Teething Fairy,
Please stop being so mean to my little boy. He can be such an awful little monster and he wakes up far too early when you are around. We are both tired and your presence makes being 32 weeks pregnant that much harder. You don't seem to be so mean to other kids. Just saying.
A mom who hates when her little boy is teething
Speaking of sleep...
Dear Daylight Saving Time,
I am seriously afraid of you. Please don't mess up my little boy's sleep schedule too much. He already hasn't been sleeping long enough because he is getting some new teeth. I know Benjamin Franklin meant well when he came up with the idea to have you, but I'm not a fan.
Someone who thinks life would be better without you
Dear Buzz,
We are coming to see you skate around this afternoon with Woody, Rex, and all your Toy Story 3 friends. I think Corbyn is going to be one happy boy when he sees you.
A long-time lover of Disney on Ice
Dear Corbyn,
Thank you for being so good yesterday when we went to get my driver's license renewed. I was worried it would be the most awful experience of my life, but you were a perfect angel. Everyone thought you were so cute while you went around trying out every chair in the room. I'm so lucky to have you as my little boy even when you are teething.
Your mom
Dear Peyton,
Thank you for being such a good little mover. I hope you aren't growing too big in there. I am trying so very hard not to eat too much sugar, but it's kind of hard when it's your birthday week and you get lots of coupons for free treats. I can't wait to meet you in less than 2 months when you come. And I promise I'll love you even if you are 10 pounds like your big brother.
Your mom
Dear Rog,
Thank you for working so hard for our family. I know it's exhausting trying to work and study for the GMAT and be in the EQ Presidency and take care of your family. I'll be happy when May 25th rolls around and you can be done with the GMAT, but until then I promise I'll try my best to make life easier for you.
Your wife
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Mom Lori said...

Dear Shauna,

Thanks for being my sweet daughter whom I love dearly. Thanks for being a "stay-at-home" mom even though it's often more demanding than other jobs. Thanks for loving your son so very much and for welcoming another child into your family. Thanks for making righteous choices and embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for selecting such an awesome husband who is also a great dad! Thanks for loving me despite my shortcomings and for always being there for me. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms when I come to visit and for sharing Corby with me.


Your Mom

Roger said...

This is one of my favorite posts.