Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Months

Maybe someday I'll get my act together and post these monthly updates in a little more timely manner. Or not... But I feel like the important thing is that I post them - no matter how ridiculously late I am, so I will be able to look back on them later. 

 Logan turned 5 months on August 18th.

Logan at 5 months:

*Rolls all the time, but only from his back to his tummy. He still hasn't figured out how to roll back over and most of the time he gets pretty upset after being stuck on his tummy for a few minutes.
*Sits up like a pro and loves it.
*Spits up a lot when he's sitting up.
*Sticks out his tongue when he's happy.
*Loves to splash in the bath.
*Is always getting his feet stuck in the bars of his crib when he rolls over.
*Doesn't like being put in his car seat, but calms down pretty quickly when the car gets moving.
*Is such a smiley, happy little guy!

Logan's 5th month in pictures...

Still sucks on anything and everything like it's his job.

He looks too big sitting in this little chair. (Peyton was there to make sure he didn't fall.)

Those eyes and those thighs!

Splish splash he was taking a bath.

Peek-a-boo! Where's Logan?! Rolled over holding the blanket and ended up like this. And of course I had to get a picture before saving him!

Corbyn and Peyton think he looks like a gorilla when he's sitting up. 

There is something so stinking adorable about a sleeping baby when they learn to roll and can sleep on their tummy!

I love being this little boy's mom!

Blowing spit bubbles - one of the things he does best.

We can't get enough of this cutie!