Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rest of August

The week before Glenwood Springs was a busy one. It was Rog's last week of his internship and also the week we switched out our queen mattress for a king. (We did it that week because my parents decided they wanted to replace the mattress in their guest bedroom before Jared and Cailey came and they said they would buy our mattress from us since we just bought it in January.)

I thought I was going to be hiking with Logan, so I took him on a few practice walks in the carrier.

It was our 2nd and final week of swim lessons. Peyton and I got to go on the slide on Thursday.

And then on Friday she got to play in the shallow part of the pool and "dive" for Starbursts.

Friday Corbyn got to jump off the diving board (with help from one of the teachers).

And go down the slide.

The clasp on Peyton's swim suit broke, so I had to order her a new one. They were all on clearance on, so I ended up getting her 2 new suits (see above) and I got Corbyn Spider-Man swim shorts. He's always had a swim shirt, so he was a little hesitant to wear just the shorts. (They didn't have a matching Spider-Man swim shirt in his size.)

I also worked my tail off to get Logan's quilt finished.

After we got home from Colorado, we got to spend a few more days with Diana, Blake, and Skyler. (Instead of going home after Glenwood Springs, they went to Spanish Fork while Jason went on a camping trip with a friend.) We went with them to Seven Peaks on the last full day it was open for the summer (other than Saturdays). It was pretty packed, but we still had fun. I found a shaded spot in the kiddie pool and let Logan hang out in his tube for a long time. He had the best time splashing and playing! We left at lunch time and ordered a couple pizzas. We ended up eating in a parking lot because it was the only shade we could find!

Cute Skyler saw the older kids dipping their pizza in the garlic sauce, so she joined in.

The Howards got back from Arizona, so our kids have been in heaven playing with Rhys and Calla every chance they get!

When I took Corbyn to meet his teacher (Mrs. Chidester), he was excited that her classroom was decorated with owls. The teacher next door has a cowboy theme and apparently he doesn't like cowboys. Rhys is in his class and a lot of other kids from our ward as well.

Peyton started dance! She's in the Preschool class at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy in Salem. (It's a bit of a drive, but the studio came highly recommended and has the right "feel" I was looking for.)

No exaggeration, I've been looking forward to this day since we found out she was a girl!

Rog took the kids to the dentist and was a little jealous that they get to play video games during their appointment.

We went raspberry picking at The Raspberry Patch in Payson.

It was a warm morning, but thankfully there was a nice breeze that kept us from melting. After awhile we took a break from our picking to have a picnic lunch. 

We ended up with 6 1/2 pounds of raspberries! I spent the next week making every raspberry recipe I could find to use them up. I canned 10 half-pint jars of raspberry jam and made Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles, Raspberry-Lemon Honey Butter, Raspberry Crisp, and Raspberry Cream Pie. (All very good, but that raspberry crisp was the stuff dreams are made of. I'm going to have to make it again as soon as I can get my hands on some more raspberries.) It was a good thing my mom was out of town that week because she's allergic to raspberries!

That week I was feeling pretty adventurous in the kitchen and tried out a new recipe (mostly from Pinterest) almost every day. I made Easy Burrito Bowls, Baked Denver Omelet, Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Shells, Tandoori Style Chicken with Indian Rice (from OBB Savoring the Seasons Cookbook), and Sour Cream Muffins. (All very good which is not always the case with recipes found on Pinterest.) 

We were watching my parent's garden while they were gone (on a cruise to Alaska with Jared and Cailey), but we only made it up there a couple of times to pick. Each time we found cucumbers the size of Logan! 

Corbyn started soccer. His team is terrible (they've scored zero goals in 4 games), but he doesn't really seem to mind. He's just happy Rhys is on his team. (Rhys' dad is the coach and Rog is the assistant coach.)

The next day he started Kindergarten! He has been enjoying it so far and especially loves riding the bus with Rhys.

That same day Rog started his semester up at the U. He's taking a light load this semester (1 regular class, 1 online class, and 1 class that only lasts 6 weeks starting in October) while he applies and interviews for fellowships.

With that light load, his schedule is more flexible and he's around part of the day which means I can sometimes do things like go to the grocery store with only one kid (the easy one who just sits like a big kid and sucks on toys) and stop for Happy Hour at Sonic on the way home.

I can also go running in the morning while Rog is home with the kids and Rog can join us on morning walks. This particular walk he dared me and Peyton to run through the sprinklers. Sometimes it's fun to act like a kid again!

Peyton has officially entered the princess phase which means her princess dresses are finally getting some good use. (And of course I'm loving it!)

The last Saturday in August we went to Rocky's birthday party and did a million errands on the way home. These 3 were troopers, so I made them snow cones as a reward when we got home. (Logan was a trooper too, but sadly for him, he can't have snow cones yet.)

And that was our August!