Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 Months

Logan turned 10 months on January 18th. 10 months seems dangerously close to 1 year. Why can't he stay little forever?!

Logan at 10 months:

*Unloads drawers and cabinets like it's his job.
*Is very confident on the stairs. He can go up and down by himself. He just needs to be reminded to turn around and go down backwards when he's starting at the top.
*Is becoming quite the messy eater. He's always getting food in the hair behind his ears.
*Likes to clap toys together.
*Got his first teeny tiny tooth.
*When he jibber jabbers it's always, dada. But when he cries it's always, mama. 
*Always has a morning pooh when he first wakes up.
*Seems pretty content to crawl and isn't in a huge rush to learn how to walk. Since Peyton walked at 9 months I feel like he's behind and I have to keep reminding myself that Peyton was a freakishly early walker.
*Wants to climb everything. He tries to climb into the tub when he's standing outside it. Once he actually was able to climb out when my back was turned for a second (and he landed flat on his face).

Logan's 10th month in pictures...

He loves to chew on the kids' toothbrushes, so he got a toothbrush in his stocking, but he knows it's not the same (because it doesn't have toothpaste on it).

He likes going out with the kids to play in the snow - until he decides he's done and then he's DONE!

Messy, messy. This was after lasagna. He loved it!

Matchy matchy with his big brother. Enjoying every minute of this because I know it won't last forever.

He loves playing on the lower bed in the kids' room.

He climbs over and under the bars like it's his own personal playground.

And yep, this happened. So far he can only get up to the first step. He's trouble!

Having fun playing with daddy.

He's becoming more resistant to falling asleep in the car and while nursing which is nice because I don't have to worry as much about his nap being ruined when we have to go somewhere close to nap time. He pretty much never falls asleep on our walks anymore, but this time he did fall asleep on our walk and it reminded me that he's still a baby (even though he's trying so hard to grow up on me). 

"Helping" with laundry.

Hard at work unloading drawers.

Cutie at Costco.

Oh how we love our Logan guy!


Mom Lori said...

I love you smiley, happy Logan :)

Megan Goodrich said...

Darn these babies, getting so big! He has the cutest smile, Shauna!

Rachel said...

He looks exactly like Roger to me in that last picture! Such a cutie!