Friday, January 22, 2016

A Day of Firsts

The day after we got home from Disneyland, Rog went down to St. George to visit his Grandma Phillips before she passed away. We decided I would stay home with the kids, so they could sleep in their own beds and get back into a routine. (Ha Ha.)

That morning one of our neighbors brought over some caramel popcorn. I looked at it and didn't notice any nuts, so I let Corbyn have some. He had a small handful and soon started complaining that his tongue was itchy. Then he threw up and I started noticing a rash on his face. He wasn't having trouble breathing, but he only throws up when it's a more serious allergy, so I called 911 (mostly to ask if I should use his Epi-pen). They told me I probably should, so I did. An ambulance came and the paramedics checked him out. All his vitals were good and he was doing fine, but they said I should at least take him to his doctor to be seen. 

Our pediatrician's office is open from 11-2 on Saturdays, so I called and got an appointment. I had my parents come over to watch Peyton and Logan while I took him. While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, he threw up again. The doctor thought something in his throat looked a little swollen, so he gave him another dose of Epinephrine and called the ambulance to take us to the hospital. Again he was fine, but they wanted to watch him because an allergic reaction like this one can have a rebound reaction hours later. 

Since we got home pretty late from Disneyland, I hadn't charged my phone overnight like I normally do and as we were on our way to the hospital it died. I took this picture right before it died.   

They got him settled in his room at the hospital and then I used the hospital room phone to call my parents and get a plan since I was going to have to nurse Logan soon. My dad picked up my car at the pediatrician's office and they all came to the hospital. And they brought my phone charger, so I could charge my phone. Corbyn was covered in a rash, so they gave him medicine to take care of that. He got to watch shows all afternoon and pick out whatever he wanted from the hospital menu for dinner. My parents got the rest of us dinner from Zupas.

He had great nurses and the day doctor was great too, but I really didn't like the doctor that took over that evening. When we got there they said they would observe him for anywhere from 4 - 24 hours. When the night doctor took over, I asked him when we could go home. Before he even examined Corbyn or looked at his chart or anything, he got all crazy on me and started saying, "This is America, you can leave whenever you want, but you really should stay overnight." Eventually he calmed down a bit and looked at some of the facts, and then he changed his story saying that usually the rebound happens within 8 hours and it had been about that long, so if I wanted to take him home I could. 

If it really was necessary for him to stay overnight, my mom would have stayed with him, so I could go home and take care of the other two kids. (Since Logan still wakes up a couple times a night and wants to nurse.) But I knew she probably wouldn't sleep well at the hospital and I didn't want to make her do that if she didn't have to. 

So we went home and I had Corbyn sleep in my bed (with his Epi-pen on my nightstand) just in case... But luckily he was completely fine and this story ends there!

It was a crazy day full of lots of firsts - first time calling 911, first time using the Epi-pen, first time riding in an ambulance, and first time having a kid in the hospital (other than when they were first born). Of course Rog had to be gone that day and miss out on all the excitement!

And now Corbyn doesn't get to have caramel popcorn unless I make it and know for sure there are no nuts in it!


Megan Goodrich said...

Yikes! Glad your parents were close since Roger was gone! And that doctor sounds like a loser. No one wants to stay in the hospital longer than absolutely necessary.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, so scary!!! I'm glad it all ended up okay.