Saturday, March 5, 2016


The Hobbs visited Jason's family in Idaho the week after Christmas. So we got to see them for a quick visit when they were on their way back to Colorado. 

^Just seconds before I took this picture Logan and Skyler were holding hands.

Peyton started Sunbeams and unlike Corbyn, she had no trouble at all making the transition. 

I was released as a Relief Society instructor and called to be a Primary teacher again. I am teaching the CTR 7 class, so they are all getting baptized this year which is fun. They are the same kids I was teaching when I was released a year and a half ago. Back then it was a hard class, but they have grown up a lot and it really helps that they split the class because it was huge. We have a girl with Down Syndrome which is a challenge, but she is sweet girl and it is getting easier as she gets used to us (and we learn how to teach her).

One Friday afternoon I got a call from the school saying Corbyn had fallen at recess and cut his chin. I went to get him and thought he probably needed stitches, but I took a few pictures and sent them to Dr. Jason just to be sure. He confirmed what I was thinking, so I took him in. Rog happened to be gone that afternoon (He misses all the fun!), so I took all the kids. Peyton and Logan were great and Corbyn was a brave boy. He was freaking out a little when they gave him a small shot to numb it, but took some deep breaths and calmed himself down when I told him they'd have to put him to sleep for the stitches if he couldn't hold still. They gave him some medicine to help him relax and luckily that was enough.   

^Before and after. (Sorry for the graphic pictures.) I have a scar in the very same place from getting stitches when I passed out while caroling at a nursing home after giving blood when I was a senior in high school.

Rog and I went on a (long overdue) date to Cheesecake Factory. My parents watched the kids while we were at dinner and then after putting them to bed we shared a piece of cheesecake and worked on a puzzle while watching Parenthood (all of our favorite things).

Rog always requests the same boring cake for his birthday, so I convinced him to let me try this Fluffernutter Cake for his Sunday dinner celebration. I didn't have the exact same size cake pan she used, so I was guessing a little about the cooking time and while parts of it were perfectly cooked, other parts were a little dry. We also thought the cream cheese in the frosting overpowered the marshmallow creme and didn't really go well with the cake. It was a huge disappointment especially since Sally's Baking Addiction is one of my new favorite food blogs to follow.

One day I found the kids like this when I got done feeding Logan and putting him down for a nap. I had to take a picture because this (them playing so quietly and independently) isn't exactly a daily occurrence around here! 

Peyton insisted on sleeping on our Love Sac one night. I carried her to her bed when I went to bed because she didn't exactly look comfortable.

One night she wanted to sleep on Logan's changing table. It took a lot of work to convince her that it  wouldn't be a very good idea.

One afternoon Peyton had Elsie and Calla over to play. I was helping in Corbyn's class and Rog was home. The girls wanted their nails painted, so he stepped up and did it for them. 

Corbyn had the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, so we decided to go down to St. George for a quick visit. We drove down Friday morning and back Saturday night because Rog had to be at church on Sunday.

We visited Rog's grandpa and Logan terrorized his cats (who were once Rog's).  

We went to dinner at Golden Corral with a bunch of Rog's family that lives down there. Then we went swimming in our hotel's pool. (It was packed because everyone was down for the long weekend.) And let the kids stay up late watching Bolt.  

In the morning I ran to the St. George temple. I tried to take a selfie, but they weren't turning out, so I settled for a picture of the temple.

I taught myself how to French braid Peyton's hair and was ridiculously proud of how well it turned out (for my first try).

Corbyn returned a toy he got for Christmas that was missing a piece and picked out another Bionicle to replace it.

We said goodbye to Meg.

And bought a minivan! I never wanted to drive a minivan, but it seemed like the best option and I have to admit, it has been very nice. I can see why people love them!

My mom hates snowmen, so Rog and the kids built her one outside her kitchen window. 

I noticed Waffle Love was parked right by the Wood Connection in American Fork (and I had a gift card for both), so one afternoon while Corbyn was at school Peyton, Logan, and I went up there.  

I went on a crafting frenzy one week and finished up a bunch of projects. I made this simple block with Peyton in her yellow swimsuit and added it to this collage (and then declared it done).

I also made this necklace holder.

And framed our pins from our Disney trip.

Rog took Peyton on a date to the Quarry (while Corbyn was at school).

After climbing they got some ice cream.

Later that day I took Corbyn on a date to see Hotel Transylvania 2.

I did the 30 Day Ragnar Training Challenge. I think I missed one Saturday and two Sundays, but other than that I did some sort of physical activity every day for 30 days. (Just a family walk on Sundays). My last day was a 4 mile run in a snowstorm.

It was a busy and fun month (as most months are).


Megan Goodrich said...

You're blogging like me-one whole month at a time! I'm sure you'll catch up soon though. ;) I love your updates!