Tuesday, March 1, 2016

11 Months

Logan turned 11 months on February 18th. 4 days before that (on Valentine's Day) he took his first steps (in Priesthood with Rog, so I missed them - insert sad face here). It took him a couple weeks to really get the hang of it, but now I'd say he walks more than he crawls.

Logan at 11 months:

*Is FINALLY sleeping through the night! I decided it was time, so we spent 3 nights letting him cry it out and he's slept through the night ever since. 
*Can let go and balance without holding onto anything.
*Can take a few steps unassisted.
*Wants whatever we're eating and gets very upset if we aren't giving it to him. He's had more tastes of treats than I like to admit.
*Gives you things if you hold out your hand and ask, "Can I see it?" Not 100% of the time - especially if it's something he doesn't want to give up!
*Loves remotes, controllers, phones, and any electronics that we'd prefer he not play with!
*Is pretty independent. He doesn't feel like he needs to always be where I am (or where Rog is) and I think he actually prefers being where Corbyn and Peyton are. If we're upstairs and they're downstairs, he'll go down on his own to find them.
*That being said, he does get upset when Rog or I leave the room. (He likes to be the one leaving, not us.)
*Turns around to get off furniture and down the stairs. He'll usually test first to see if he needs to turn around by feeling with his hand. If he can't feel the ground, he turns around.
*Is not very good at listening to books - he just wants to grab them. (I'm sure this is because I haven't been as good at reading to him as I was with Corbyn and Peyton. Poor neglected 3rd child!)
*I started calling him puppy at some point and the nickname has stuck even though he isn't really a puppy anymore now that he's walking.

Logan's 11th month in pictures...

He'll sit in the cart for a few minutes at the store, but then he wants to get down and help push.

Begging for tastes of Rog's Fruit Loops.

He loves when we throw him onto the Love Sac and will always sit there for a minute before turning around to get off.

Is always making this scrunchy face while blowing snot out of his nose. (Corbyn was famous for this too.)

Helping himself to some goldfish crackers (while rocking the one sock look).

He loves clapping toys together.

And he figured out how to put balls into his Lion King toy he got for Christmas.

Look mom, no hands!

Getting ready to take some steps.

Living room obstacle course.

He loves playing with the play kitchen (i.e., dumping everything out). I got sick of cleaning up these little play fruits 10 times a day, so I put them away for now.

Modeling my quilt (with 2 remotes in hand of course).

Bath time fun!

This is the best picture I have of his one teeny tiny tooth.

We love our little puppy! (He's the only puppy Corbyn and I like.) Time to get planning his first birthday party!