Saturday, May 28, 2016


Corbyn's class had a read-a-thon for Dr. Seuss' birthday. He got to wear his pajamas and bring a pillow, blanket, and books to "read". We aren't huge fans of Dr. Seuss at our house (at least I'm not), but he took the two Dr. Seuss books we have and his Avengers book.

Peyton had her first dance recital. She loved having her hair curled and wearing makeup for the first time. And of course she loved going to get ice cream after. 

The costumes were rentals, so they took pictures of them backstage.

I've tried multiple times, but have been unsuccessful at uploading a video of her performance which is a shame because it was completely adorable!

Grandma Dixie came into town for a few days for Rog's cousin, Makenna's wedding. She helped Corbyn with his homework. 

She also brought my quilt back after machine quilting it for me - now I just have to find time to bind it. Ha ha.

Peyton had been complaining for over a week that her tummy hurt plus she had a bit of a fever and Logan's stomach bug was still going strong after almost 2 weeks, so Rog took them to the doctor. Logan had a blowout as soon as they got there, so he got to hang out in his diaper. We thought maybe Peyton had a UTI, but turns out she had strep throat (and probably some constipation). And as for Logan, the doctor just said that yeah, stomach bugs can last that long in babies this age. 

Our ward had the most genius Relief Society activity - Finish Friday. You could come anytime between 4 and 10 to work on projects. I made this leprechaun that I had bought earlier that week at the Wood Connection.

Saturday afternoon we did some errands up in Orem and went to dinner at Applebees before going to Makenna's reception at the Provo Library. We brought clothes to change into and forgot Corbyn's church shoes, so he looked really cool. The kids had fun dancing with some of their cousins.  

We went to the Quarry for FHE with the Woods. Peyton was fearless and made it all the way to the top. The same cannot be said about Corbyn.

Logan gave Mikki the sweetest hugs and kisses while everyone was climbing.

It was Pi Day, so I made Key Lime Pie. (And if I remember correctly, Shepherd's Pie for dinner.)

Rog helped my dad drive the first load to their new home in Colorado. Pivot, pivot... (Friends anyone?)

A leprechaun left us a little surprise on St. Patrick's Day.

He even turned the water in the toilet green!

Cute kids in their green shirts!

Even though I was cooking for Logan's birthday (the next day) pretty much the whole day, I wanted to make an easy green dinner. We had Irish Cheese Ravioli (thank you Costco), broccoli, Irish Soda Bread, and Grasshopper Sandwich Cookies.

Corbyn had to find 2 things that rhyme (that no one else would think of) and take them to school for a rhyming museum. He took a (tiny Hulk) head and a bed.

Corbyn played spring soccer. We enjoyed nice weather for a few of the games, but most were pretty cold and some were freezing!

We got a little hail at this game, so we wrapped Grandma's scarf around Logan's head to keep him warm. 

 And that (plus my birthdayLogan's birthday, and Easter) was our March!