Monday, June 20, 2016

4 Years

Peyton's 4 year stats:

Weight: 40 pounds (80th percentile)
Height: 41 inches (75th percentile)

PJ at 4 years:

*Knows pretty much all her letters and can write most of them too. (Thanks to the wonderful, free preschool she was able to attend!) 
*Gets so mad when we try to correct her. Like, when she's singing the alphabet song, she does the beginning right, but gets a little mixed up at the end, so she sings, "Q R X T U V W X Y Z". I try to sing with her and emphasize the S (not X), but she won't be corrected. 
*For a long time she would sing, "Mango mango little star..." and would get so mad when I tried to tell her it was twinkle, not mango.
*Can count to 29, but always skips 13. (Corbyn always skipped 13 too!) 
*Went through a phase where anything anyone did hurt her feelings.
*Doesn't sleep under her covers. She sleeps on top of them with a blanket or light quilt over her.
*Always comes into our room sometime between 1:00 am and the morning. I don't wake up when she gets into our bed and just wake up to find her next to me in the morning.
*Has been calling me Mom-o.
*Loves to watch shows on the Disney Junior App on the iPod.
*Always needs a hug from her friends, Calla and Elsie, when they are done playing. When they are saying goodbye one of them will say, "hugs" and they'll run to give each other a big hug.
*Won't go to bed until she's had a book read to her.
*Always has to have 2 songs before bed and she wants me to name off options for her. Almost every night she picks I Love to See the Temple, but the other one is always changing.
*Would eat mac and cheese every single day for lunch if we let her.
*Likes to wear mismatched shoes.
*Enjoys painting and coloring.

She's stubborn, sweet, spunky, and silly and we're so glad she's ours!


Roger Phillips said...

That girl is so sweet but definitely keeps us on our toes.