Tuesday, June 28, 2016

15 Months

Logan at 15 months:

*Says "uh, oh" when he drops something (on accident or on purpose) and all done.
*Got his central incisor on the top that he was missing, so he has 4 teeth on top.
*Is a playful biter. Corbyn and Peyton have been pretty patient with him when he bites them even when has gotten them pretty good a few times. We normally bite back to teach it is not ok to bite (works like a charm), but he seems too young for that just yet.
*Knocks on doors.
*Pats your back when you pick him up.
*Clicks his tongue. Peyton does this a lot and he likes to copy her.
*Consistently waves hi and bye.
*Nods his head yes and no. When he really wants something he nods his head yes and really gets his whole body into it.
*Doesn't want to sit in his high chair anymore and sometimes puts up a pretty good fight when we try to put him in there.
*Likes to take off his bib.
*Wants the whole thing - not just little pieces (of granola bars, breakfast biscuits, etc).
*Thinks it is so funny to run away from mom and dad.
*Is officially very difficult at church and the grocery store. He wants to go exploring at church and doesn't want to sit in the cart at the store.

I saw this Stitch hat when we were at Disneyland and almost bought it, but didn't. Then I ended up buying him this Stitch shirt at the Disney Store soon after and really regretted not buying the hat. So when the Woods went to Disneyland I had them buy it for me. He won't keep it on very long, but it's oh so cute when he does leave it on for longer than 10 seconds.

I just love his Nemo swimsuit!

Excuse the naked baby pictures, but I had to document this because Corbyn used to do this same thing at about this same age. If we are ever laying down, he'll come push us up.

He has been loving playing in the water this summer. He'll get in and out and in and out over and over again.

He's also been loving Otter Pops and always wants one when he sees the kids having one.

Rog took this picture on our last Sunday in our Spanish Fork ward when he caught us outside. He was being especially terrible at church that Sunday (nap time) and was only happy when I let him explore outside.

He loves wrestling Corbyn and Corbyn is such a good sport about it! He lets him win and is so gentle with him. 

This video captures their wrestling matches perfectly.


Stacey Lynn Lowe said...

Your kids are adorable! I love watching them play and rough house.