Saturday, July 9, 2016

6 Years

Since we moved right before Corbyn's birthday and got our Kaiser insurance at the beginning of July, Corbyn finally had his 6 year check-up on August 4th.

His stats:

Weight: 51 pounds (75th percentile)
Height: 47.75 inches (85th percentile)

Corbyn at 6 years:

*His favorite foods are Oreos, strawberry ice cream, and chicken nuggets.
*He learned about eating "healthy" in Kindergarten and now he is a much better eater. He'll ask if something is healthy and will usually eat it if we say yes. I know I tried that approach many times and it never worked. I guess he just had to hear it from someone else!
*Has been eating much bigger portions than ever before. Like yesterday he had two Sloppy Joes when he used to not even finish one and today he ate his cereal from an adult bowl instead of a kid bowl. This has translated into having much less food left over from dinner!
*He'll have weeks where he completely breaks down and cries like it's the end of the world when anything (even the smallest thing) doesn't go his way. We're trying to teach him that it's ok to cry, but not over every single little thing.
*Uses big words that blow me away sometimes. 
*If he likes something we're eating he'll always say it is fantastic or fantastical.
*Puts all his wrappers in his pockets, but never empties them out. I have to remember to unload them when I'm doing the laundry or I'll find a bunch of wrappers in the washer or dryer.
*Calls me Mama-cita.
*Can't sit still when he plays video games. He bounces and/or jumps all around. It's really pretty entertaining to watch!
*Still loves to build things with Legos and ride his bike/scooter.
*Is a great big brother. He and Peyton are the best of friends - they take turns playing boy/girl things and watching boy/girl shows. (I don't know how I'm going to entertain Peyton when he starts 1st grade and is gone all day long!) He's also very patient with Logan. 
*Is a great sleeper! He now shares a room with Logan and we've been amazed that he doesn't wake up when Logan starts talking/screaming for us in the morning (even if we don't go get him immediately).
*Is becoming a good reader and loves reading books with me before bed. We're quickly working our way through all the Roald Dahl books and I love that special time we share together.
*Seems to have outgrown his asthma. We have been trying him off his nightly inhaler and he has been doing just fine. Hopefully that continues when cold season comes around in the fall.

Gingerbread men are his favorite thing at Christmas.

Since he has a summer birthday, Mrs. Chidester assigned him a day to celebrate his birthday near the end of the school year. He was so excited to take treats to his class and have his special day at school.

It's crazy how quickly 6 years has flown by! Corbyn is incredibly capable and seems so grown up these days. We sure love him!


Mom Lori said...

I sure love that oldest grandson of mine ❤️

Mom Lori said...

I sure love that oldest grandson of mine ❤️