Friday, September 16, 2016

Finished Room Friday: Upstairs Bath

For this week's Finished Room Friday, here's our upstairs bath. It's the kids' bathroom as well as the guest bathroom. 

I never loved how our upstairs bath was decorated in our townhouse and since our master bath in this house didn't need a shower curtain, I decided to use the one from the master bath in our townhouse in here. Everything in this picture was from our master bath. Those are nice big towels, so if you come visit (you should!), you can look forward to that.

I put a laundry basket in here in hopes that we could train the kids to throw their clothes in there before hopping in the bath. It was a good idea, but we need to do a better job with the training as Rog and I are still the ones doing it for them.

This hand towel was also from our master bath. I bought the cups, toothbrush holder, and soap pump because they were the only ones I could find to match. I could have done something boring, but I wanted color. I was nervous the kids would break them at first, but they've been fine so far and I'm pretty sure we won't have any problems as long as we keep Logan far, far away (until he gets older of course). 

We hung some hooks for the kids' towels. These towels match the room pretty well, but their other ones don't. (So every other week, I do my best to ignore them - #OCDproblems.) 

And it is a kid bathroom, so behind the curtain, we've got bath toys.  

At some point I may add some decorations, but for now I'm fine with it just like this.