Saturday, September 24, 2016

Peyton's Birthday: Friend Party

We had Peyton's friend birthday party the Friday after her birthday.

Invitation inspiration here.

We had tower cupcakes.

According to Pinterest I pinned these cupcakes 4 years ago! I was so happy with how they turned out! 

We popped Maximus' apple balloons that I had stuffed with grape Frooties, princess stickers, and purple/silver confetti. Kind of like a pinata, but much easier.

It left a bit of a mess, but it was cleaned up easily and the kids thought it was really fun.

We watched the Tangled Ever After short. 

Corbyn, Rhys Howard, Elsie Wood, Peyton, Abbie, Dawn, Calla Howard, Hazel Howard, Logan, and Alleah Wood.

Abbie and Dawn were Peyton's friends from her preschool class.

We kept balloons up in the air with frying pan plates.

We also popped bubbles with the frying pan plates. (I bought a bubble machine for like $7 in the party section at Walmart. Best thing ever!) 

And painted the sidewalk with sidewalk paint.

For favors we gave out watercolors with Rapunzel labels from here

It was a fun and easy party that came together pretty quickly.