Thursday, October 20, 2016

19 Months

Logan turned 19 months on Tuesday and I don't want to jinx it, but I'm being diligent in posting his update in a timely manner for the 3rd month in a row!

Logan at 19 months:

*Can safely go down the ladder on Corbyn's loft bed.
*Has been working on going down the stairs like a big boy by himself.
*Enjoys building towers with Duplo Legos, but gets frustrated when they fall apart.
*Says bubble, puppy, du (for duck).
*Pumps his arm (like the end of the fight song) and attempts a rrrr when we ask what a cougar says.
*Wants to scribble on paper any chance he gets.
*Gets mad when we take off his clothes or shoes.
*Can throw a tantrum like a boss. We're talking throw-himself-on-the-floor tantrums. (They don't last too long yet.)
*Carries stools around wherever he goes to climb anything and everything he can.
*Doesn't want to be rocked and sung to before naps and bed anymore. He throws his books, cougar, and water in his crib and then practically jumps in.
*Got his right bottom molar and his left bottom canine this month.

I put him in Corbyn's Halloween costume from when he was about this age one night for fun. 

He was not cooperating for pictures, but was adorable nonetheless.

Getting into trouble at his 18 month appointment. 

He loves to share his food with us.

These pictures never ever get old.

Being too big at the grocery store.

Corbyn and Peyton thought this was about the best thing ever and Logan did too until he got dropped.

Mr. Daredevil!

We've started a date night exchange with some friends in our ward. Beckett is a year older than Logan, but they are cute little buddies.

He kept touching this slug and I'm pretty sure he killed him because I saw him all dried up in this spot the next day.

I cannot even begin to understand his love for dogs, but I will admit it is pretty cute.


Roger Phillips said...

Just think how happy he would be with his very own puppy! I'll bring one home.

tracy said...

What Rog said!