Friday, October 28, 2016

Finished Room Friday: Boys' Room

The boys' room would have been one of the first rooms finished (since I basically just used everything from Logan's nursery), but I needed a frame I could only get at the Wood Connection and it is one of the only things they don't ship, so I had to wait until we went to Utah to get it. I was excited to be able to finally finish it when we came home from our trip.

I'll start on Logan's side of the room and work my way around.

Logan's football was a late addition to his nursery (after I posted about his nursery and right before he was born). I got it from Pick Your Plum and I was so lucky that soon after we moved here, they had them again, so I could get one for Corbyn. 

Oh man, that picture of Corbyn holding Logan. So funny.

I made a collage of pictures from Logan's first year since otherwise he only would have had two pictures in his collage. Like in Peyton's room, that frame is strategically placed to hide the plugs for mounting a TV. 

I commissioned Little Moon Dance to do that picture of Logan back when he was about 6 months old. I sent her a couple pictures (one with him sitting up and one with him in his BYU jersey) and she put them together + added a football.

It took me a few tries to organize the room, so the baby monitor could be somewhat hidden, but give me a good view of Logan's crib.

I considered taking the dots off Logan's name since I have never loved them, but I don't hate them enough to get around to it. For now anyway.

Corbyn's side of the room.

I sanded off the paper that was on these letters and painted them blue. I finished painting the COR back in August and then didn't get around to the BYN until last week when Peyton and I were painting the frame from the Wood Connection.

This metal frame used to say "Our Logan Boy." I changed it to "cougar fans" and added the football, so I could put pictures of both of my boys on it. 

I love how the nice big closets in the kid rooms hide so many of the toys that would otherwise clutter up the rooms.  

After trying a few different ways to store Legos, I am convinced this is the perfect solution.

This bookcase was hanging horizontally in the master bedroom in our townhouse. I originally had the board books where the Legos are, but Logan couldn't reach them. I wanted to put them where he could reach to encourage him to love books at a young age and I was thinking I needed to buy a small bookcase for in here, but then I realized I could turn this one vertically and it would do the job.

It's killing me how old Corbyn looks in this picture.

Good thing I have this little guy who so far is Corbyn version 2.

I'm glad I decided to go with the cougar football theme again and just adapt it a little here and there to make it work for both of my boys.


tracy said...

Really came out great, I am impressed and I'm sure the boys love it! You are so talented!

BYU fans, Yes?? ;)

tracy said...

Hummmm, am i the only one who comments So sorry about your G grandpa's death....I can't seem to get much info on it........,guess I will have to "break down" and love your posts though! I hear you all "chat over the phone" I have a "dumb Phone" Lol!