Saturday, June 3, 2017

Peyton's Birthday: Party

After I finished the Relief Society Birthday Celebration, I only had 3 days to pull together Peyton's party. The invitations were out, Peyton and I had purchased all the party favors for the girls one day at Party City, I had ordered the piƱata ahead of time, and I had picked up the sheets to make temporary tattoos... But other than that I had a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time! 

My sewing table was quickly taken over by rainbows and all things My Little Pony.

These crate paper rainbows were fun although they didn't stay up particularly well.

I used the Equestria font to make this banner.

This is my favorite way to do balloons because you don't have to pay for helium!

All the heart eyes for a rainbow of paper straws. šŸ˜

We started the party giving everyone a cutie mark. I made them using this tutorial. (You definitely don't need a Silhouette to make them. I have one and I didn't even use it because it was easier to just cut them out by hand.) I definitely earned my Pinkie Pie cutie mark!

After everyone got their cutie mark, we sang to Peyton. 

And did a cake walk with the cupcakes (Peyton's request).

Mini cupcakes were perfect because that way everyone could do the cake walk a few times.

While half the group was doing the cake walk, the other half made rainbow bracelets and then they switched. I may have bought a few too many beads, but they are good to have on hand for various projects and many many bracelets have been made since the party. 

Then we played Pony Bingo.

These Brightside Skittles (found at Walmart) were perfect for our color scheme. 

Peyton had been talking about having a piƱata at her party pretty much since her last party. I did not want to make one, so I ordered this one from Amazon. Rog and I feel kind of meh about these new pull-string piƱatas, but Peyton was happy about it and that's all that really mattered.

And you better believe everyone was pretty happy when the candy came out (even if they didn't all get a chance to pull a string).

Another thing Peyton really wanted was to have Pirate's Booty at her party, so we finished off the party watching an episode of My Little Pony and snacking on Pony Puffs (aka Pirate's Booty). I bought these fry boxes forever ago on Pick Your Plum and was delighted to finally find a use for them! I printed off these cupcake toppers to put on them.

We also had drinks in every color of the rainbow (with coordinating straws), but somehow I only took a picture of a yellow one. I used the cupcake toppers on those too.

Peyton watches My Little Pony all the time, but this was really the first time I'd sat down to watch an entire episode.

I used some of the leftover bags from the RS Birthday Celebration for the goody bags (again with the cupcake toppers).

The boys got Play-doh and a punch balloon. The girls got a My Little Pony cup, camera, comb, sticker sheet, and a couple rings. Party City has a huge collection of party favors to choose between for pretty much every party theme you could think of.

We didn't get a picture of the whole group since everyone showed up at the beginning, but many had to leave early. We had Kinley and Emery Martyn, Sofie White, Ryah, Delainey Giotta, Wren Tutt, Sebastian Locker, and the Yates boys. One huge benefit of being moved into the Happy Valley ward was a lot of new friends for Peyton. The Sunnyside ward did not have a lot of girls her age. Everyone was so generous with their gifts and she ended up with a lot of new My Little Pony toys (and a few other fun things too). 

We had a fun time celebrating our favorite 5 year old!