Monday, November 6, 2017

4th of July

Last year the 4th of July was a huge disappointment for us. We had heard that Happy Valley had the greatest 4th of July and we were underwhelmed comparing it to the Freedom Festival in Provo. But this year we knew what to expect and it didn't seem as bad. 

When I signed up for swim lessons I didn't think they'd actually have them on the 4th of July, but they did. Rog took the kids (and did Logan's swim class with him) while I got ready for the day.

Then we headed to our ward breakfast (combined with the Sunnyside ward which is always fun for us since we used to be in the Sunnyside ward). We were late, but still got some good food for breakfast. Then we headed over to Happy Valley Park where all the festivities are.

We took a picture in this same spot last year. (Someday I'll get around to posting it.)

Cute brother and sister. 😍

We watched the parade and discovered it actually goes a lot longer than we thought. Last year we left when there was a big group of kids on bikes (anyone can enter the parade), but we stayed through that and there were more "floats" after the bikes and a lot more candy too!

The bounce houses were a disappointment this year. Last year they didn't have any restrictions on height whereas this year the kids were only big enough for one slide. (Even Corbyn and Peyton and I swear they aren't that little anymore!) 👎 And the lines were long!

So we let them do it once and then headed home.

There's a little path that connects the church with the park that we like to take on the 4th of July.

We had the Yates over for dinner. I don't remember everything we had, but I know we had Baby Back Ribs, corn on the cob (a huge hit - especially with the kids!), Layered Jello, and Berry Cream Tarts. (Maybe that was all?) The Yates brought a few things as well - potato salad, chips, and baked beans. And I'm thinking I pulled out my Torani syrups for Italian sodas and flavored lemonade for the kids.

After dinner we filled up a couple of those water balloon bundles. Brenton was a good sport and took the kids' fire. (Rog was helping the young men take down flags.)

Then the Yates had two HUGE packs of those popper/snap things, so we let the kids go to town on those. (And then we cleaned the mess up for days!)

We decided to go up to the high school to set off fireworks. We bought a cute little pack and the Yates bought two HUGE packs, so we were there doing fireworks well into the night.

These two had fun with their lighters.

And they gave us a pretty great show!

Yay for America and friends to celebrate it with!