Sunday, March 20, 2011

9 Months

Corbyn was again sick for his birthday, but this month he was getting over it rather than just getting it. On Monday night around midnight, he woke up screaming his head off. Usually we just let him cry it out, but this time I went in to check on him. He was burning up, so we took his temperature - 102.5! That's the highest it has ever been, so we called the on-call doctor. He said to put him in a lukewarm tub for 30 minutes to bring it down and take him to his doctor in the morning if he still had a fever.
In the morning it was 103! He had no outward symptoms, so I was especially worried. The doctor said his ears were fine, but his throat was very sore. Apparently some viruses can cause just a sore throat and a fever. We alternated giving him Advil and Tylenol all day Tuesday and Wednesday, but he still had a slight fever even with the medicine bringing it down. Wednesday night we had the EQ President and Secretary come help Rog give him a blessing. Thursday (his 9 month birthday) his fever was gone and the doctor found that his throat was not sore anymore at his well visit. He wasn't his normal happy playful self and he had a slight fever again that night. But by Friday he seemed much better and his fever hasn't returned.
He has been sick about once a month since his 6 month appointment. His doctor said that is normal for his age during the winter months and he should stop getting sick so much now that it is warming up. I really hope that is the case because I don't know if I can take another sickness anytime soon!
His stats:
Weight: 18 pounds, 7 ounces (20th percentile)
Height: 28 1/2 inches (60th percentile)
He's way skinny, but he has gained some weight since his 6 month visit. And his doctor said he should start gaining weight faster now that he won't be getting sick so much (fingers crossed) and as he eats more and more table food.
The Corb at 9 months:
*Discovered his tongue - sticks it out a lot.
*Loves to open and close doors, cabinets, drawers, etc...
*Now shakes his head "no" rather than like a bobble head.
*Loves to swing. I have the cutest video of him just laughing his head off while I swing him that I've been meaning to post.
*Has learned that he doesn't have to swallow all the food I put in his mouth, so he'll spit it out if he doesn't like it. He loves fruit, but doesn't like vegetables or cereal (rice, oatmeal, barley). We just started giving him the Gerber puffs and he seems to love those.
*Has been working on his two bottom middle teeth for the past week and a half. We can see two white bumps in his gums, but they haven't popped out yet.
*Puts every crumb he can find in his mouth.
*Just started letting go of things and standing on his own for a few seconds before he gets scared or falls down.

He's growing up so fast! Sigh. Before I know it I'll be posting about his 1st birthday! We sure love our little dude!
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Mom Lori said...

Still likes to eat the signs mom makes :)

Still as lovable as ever!

Miss you guys - been much too long :(

tracy said...

Poor Sweetie, sorry he's been so sick!

Happy Nine Months, Corby! Hope the next ones you feel lots better!

Roger said...

He is so big!