Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Decorations

All month I was telling Rog that St. Patrick's Day is the loneliest holiday. The stores just don't have as much stuff for St. Patrick's Day as they do for other holidays.

As I mentioned in my birthday post, I couldn't find St. Patrick's Day plates that would work anywhere. I actually found quite a few that were too small, but none that were the right size. So I made these at Color Me Mine. They actually messed one of them up. After trying to fix it about 3 times, they said they were sorry and gave me a gift card for $20 so I could make a new one. But I decided it actually wasn't that bad - you can only see that it is messed up if you're looking from the right angle. So I am saving my gift card to make something else later.

I found the Irish Pub sign at Tai Pan.

Wood Connection actually had a lot of St. Patrick's Day stuff. Bless them. They had a contest on their blog that I entered and I actually thought I had a pretty good chance because they said they like to see you take what they sell and make it your own. I added the "i'm irish!" part which I thought was pretty original, but I didn't win. Oh well. I don't need their approval.

The complete table.

Happy March!


Mom Lori said...

I didn't even like their First Place Winner!

They must be blind. Yours is much better than any of the winners. I especially liked how you added the cute "I'm Irish".

I bet Corby agrees with me :)

tracy said...

Very cute decorations! Heh, maybe i should decorate for more holidays! Do you think the bat out front needs a little Spring bow or something??

What do you serve at your Pub? ;)

Now we are eagerly waiting to see April's decor!


tracy said...

Yeah, really...

We don't need their approval!!!

tracy said...

Yay Huskies! My hometown won!