Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Par-tay!

I decided to do a monkey theme for Corby's birthday party because he is our little monkey.
Jared helped me make the invitation. It was my first creation in Photoshop and I think it turned out pretty cute. Unfortunately when I had it printed out at Costco, some of the colors turned out a little dark. So if you got an invitation, this is how it was supposed to look!
I ordered balloons from Zurchers and had Rog pick them up on his way home from work on Friday. He took the afternoon off to help me get ready for the party.
One of the balloons sprung a leak on his way home. We patched it with tape, but it was smaller than the others and had lost the helium. Corby carried it around and played with it all afternoon. He loved it!
For dinner we had sweet and sour pork ribs, rice, and a fruit salad. I realized too late that I probably should have done another side or two... But we had leftovers of everything, so if people didn't get full, they should have taken more! I couldn't think of any foods for dinner that fit my monkey theme, so I just picked something easy that I knew Corby would eat.
Corby was totally spoiled as far as presents go!
He got balls...
Swim stuff...
Clothes, pajamas, movies, and much much more.

I made this monkey cake for the adults. Thank you Wilton! It was so easy with their monkey pan.
And I adapted a design from Hello, Cupcake! for Corby's little cake.
He didn't totally dive into his cake, but he seemed to like what he ate. I think his favorite part was the oreos I used for the ears.
He didn't particularly like being covered in frosting.
I also made monkey cake pops to send home with everyone.
I think his first birthday party was a success. Thanks to everyone who came and made our Corbaby feel so loved!
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Mom Lori said...

I'm glad we were in town to share Corbaby's big day. Nice job Mom and Dad on making it extraordinary!

tracy said...

Now that's one great party face...er, more than one!

Great First Birthday! Thanks for all the effort, Shauna and Roger....and just have to say....the cake was not only adorable, but A m a z i n g !

Thank you for having us....!


Rachel said...

So fun!!! You did a great job Shauna!

Emily said...

It was SO darling and not a single detail was forgot! All of the cakes, the party favors, the invitations...Corby has one great GREAT mom! Thanks for inviting us, it was a blast! Happy Birthday Corbs!