Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Reader

No matter how hard I try, I really am not a reader. When I have free time, reading is the last thing on my mind. But I know it's important to keep my mind sharp, so I try to do it. Right now I'm trying so hard to get into the Help. So many people have said it is such an awesome book, but I am seriously struggling. I'm sure I just need to get more into it. I will keep trying.
Anyway, I just wanted to share these cute pictures of my little guy. (Taken on my iPhone, so excuse the poor quality.) We got him A TON of books for his birthday and now he is way into reading his books. He loves pulling them out and looking through them. And he loves when we read them to him.

Obviously he didn't get this from me, but it is something I will definitely encourage!
I really had no idea what books to get him, so I asked on facebook. I got so many great suggestions! I had never heard of Sandra Boynton before, but I am a huge fan now! Our favorites are the Belly Button Book and What's Wrong Little Pookie.
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Mom Lori said...

Read Corby read :)

Come see me and I'll read you some books!

tracy said...

Yay readers!

i know a great resource of book suggestions if "The Help" doesn't work out.....!

Roger said...

He gets it from me. I like books with lots of pictures too. When he has to start reading works, he'll probably stop.

Shad and Krista McOmber said...

Owen LOVES LOVES LOVES to read books! More than anything! I feel like that is all we do some days... he just goes over to his bookcase and pulls one book after another for me to read. So good job Corbyn!! Love it! :)