Tuesday, July 19, 2011

13 Months

I'm not going to be taking monthly pictures now that our Corbs is over a year old, but I am going to continue doing monthly updates. I'll throw in a few pictures from the last month to keep things interesting.
The Corb at 13 months:
*LOVES yogurt! I haven't found a flavor he doesn't like. He cries when I stop feeding it to him if he can see that there is some left.
*Likes to take handfuls of food (Goldfish, Cheerios, Puffs, etc...) and stuff as many as he can fit in his mouth.
*Has 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. He doubled his teeth this month.
*Says MMMmmm when he is eating something he likes.
*Loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't let him watch it all day, but it's great for when I need to get something done.
*Likes to bring us our shoes. Sometimes he even brings them to me when I'm in the shower.
*Points to things that he wants.
*Is a huge fan of his pillow pet. I had to get it for him because of his love for pillows (and my love for frogs).
*Will climb up stairs, but is still terrified of going down them.
*Will bring me food that he wants or goes over to his high chair and reaches up if he is hungry.
*Likes to climb up anything he can. Our bed, the couch, the printer in the closet...
*Moonwalks backwards.
*Throws mini temper tantrums where he takes lots of little steps in place and screams. They only last a few seconds, but I'm sure they'll get longer as he gets older.
*Goes to the front door and tries to open it when he wants to go outside.
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Mom Lori said...

Love the photos :)

Great idea to do the monthly update. He changes so quickly!

Dixie said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger! These pictures mean SO much to this Colorado grandma. You are the best Shauna!