Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter

I wish I could say I read Harry Potter from the beginning, but I was kind of late joining the party. The first I remember hearing about Harry Potter was when I was in high school and back then, I had little time for anything but dance. The 3rd movie came out the day I gradated from high school. At our all-night grad party, we had the option of watching the movie. At that time I was dating Reed Holmberg. He was anti-Harry Potter and because I had no opinion of my own, I went along with him.
Then he left on his mission and I started dating one of his best friends, Kyle Hanson. Kyle is a Harry Potter fan and with the 6th book coming out that summer, he convinced me to start reading Harry Potter. And that was when my love for Harry began. I read the first 5 books in about 3 weeks. That summer I was living in St. George and other than working at the dance store down there, I didn't have much else going on.
I came back to BYU and started reading the 6th book with Bridger Field. We would read a chapter a night, but we broke up before finishing. When I finished reading it on my own, I called him and told him, "Dumbledore dies!" Oh I was so mature...
Then after dating Jeff Brown, I met Rog who shared my love for Harry. The 7th book came out about 2 months after we got married. I remember taking turns reading our copy of the book in our tiny, one-bedroom apartment. And Harry has been a part of our marriage ever since. Harry has been our entertainment for many a road trip. And we've watched all the movies multiple times.
On a whim, I Netflixed Harry Potter 7.1. I didn't know when it would come because I figured it would be very popular right now. Surprisingly it arrived in our mailbox Friday afternoon. We watched it Friday night and then yesterday after going to Seven Peaks, we put Corby down for a nap and Aunt KD watched him while we went to see Harry Potter 7.2. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful series. We both agree that they should have stuck closer to the book, especially for the final duel between Harry and Voldemort. But we thought it captured the essence of the book well.
So although I wasn't a fan from the beginning, I definitely am one now. I can't wait to fall in love with Harry over and over again as I introduce our little Corbyn (and his brothers and sisters who will join our family in the future) to our friend, Harry Potter.
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tracy said... did things work out with my Man Snape? ;)

tracy said...

That's funny, you can trace your dating history with Harry!

This evening, you must tell me everyone who died!

Roger said...

First, I counted 4 boyfriends in this blog. That is almost a boyfriend per book! What's up with that...

Second, it is true that Harry has provide entertainment on roadtrips, but I would not say that he has been a part of our marriage. I would say that Harry is more like the $20 buck you find in a pocket of old jeans (this never happens to me because my wife is an accountant and I am not allowed to have cash because i give it to bums). You remember you had the money, but you are really happy because it is new again.

Mom Lori said...

I didn't realize your love of Harry Potter was so tied to boys - hehe

Glad you ended up with Roger and I enjoyed his comment - good analogy using a $20 bill :)

tracy said...

Roger gives money to the homeless? Yay! We need to find a way to get him some cash! :)