Saturday, September 24, 2011

15 Months

The Corb at 15 Months:
*Takes our hand (or finger or piece of clothing) and takes us where he wants to go.
*Likes to put on our shoes and walk around.
*Takes his vitamin without a fight. It only took 9 months...
*Says ball, mama, and dad. Repeats a few other words back to us when we say them, but doesn't say them on his own just yet.
*Likes to push the button to open and close the garage and the doorbell.
*Likes to sit in the corner of our couch and surround himself with pillows.
*Lifts his legs and steps into his shorts and pants.
*Kicks balls.
*Likes to put the cookie shapes in his cookie jar and is getting pretty good at stacking blocks.
*Knows where his hat and shoes go. I found him like this the other day. Hat on (sideways) and trying to step into his shoes.
*Likes to play with me while I'm pushing him in the running stroller through the clear cover on top.
*Had kind of a rough month as far as sleeping goes. He'd start to get back on track and then something else would get him off. Lots of early mornings and short naps. One day he was so tired he fell asleep while I was pushing him in the swing (he had just refused to take a second nap). Luckily he has finally gotten back into a good schedule in the past week. He's been waking up at a normal time and taking good naps. Yesterday he took the longest nap of his life - 2 1/2 hours. (You moms who have kids who take long naps need to be grateful! It's a good day when he takes a 2 hour nap.)
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Mom Lori said...

I'm happy to say Corby has taken my finger and lead me on an adventure or two . . .
That's cool he likes his shape cookie jar and wants to wear his BYU cap - hehe
Cute photos - can you put them on drop box for me?