Friday, September 30, 2011

September Decorations

After all the crafting and re-crafting I did last month, I kind of needed a break this month. So my table remained the same as last year. I had ideas for other BYU football crafts, but I didn't get around to them.
I did do my shadow box. The shadow box that the Wood Connection sells for September is back-to-school things - like a ruler, school house, books, etc... But I wanted to keep with my BYU football theme, so I improvised a little. The b was a little too tall, so Rog cut it down for me. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
Go cougars!
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Mom Lori said...



Emily said...

Cute! I need to copy you because you have such great ideas! Do you make these yourself or buy them somewhere?

tracy said...

"Friends tell friends to go to Utah State". :P

Your crafting never ceases to amaze me!

tracy said...

Time for a new blog????

Not that you are busy or anything.......

i have one's nothing really, not fun like yours...but a couple of cute vid' usual!

As always...miss you!

tracy said...

Ha! i didn't even know you were in you know one tells me anything! (Until after it happens!) Hope you had a blast!