Thursday, October 13, 2011

St. George Marathon

Like I said, Rog ran the St. George marathon on October 1st. When we ran the Utah Valley half back in June, he was ahead of schedule in his training. But then he got an ingrown toenail over the 4th of July weekend. That should have gotten better in no time, but it kept giving him problems for months. In fact, the week of the marathon he was back at the podiatrists' office for like the 5th time. They decided it was infected (again) and he went on antibiotics. Of course all his toe problems put him WAY behind in his training. He put in a good 16 mile run a few weeks before the race, but he knew it wasn't going to be his best marathon.
He ran it with our sister-in-law, Edda, and her brother Mark. Edda was suffering from a bruised bone and a severe shin splint, so she was also running at less than her best.
Rog got sick along the way (from the antibiotics) which totally wiped him out and caused his back muscles to cramp up. Luckily he found a nice lady who gave him some pain medicine and rub for his back.
We planned to meet him at mile 23. We got there at the time we figured would be the earliest he could make it there. We waited and waited and waited.
Corby got a little bored.
Then finally we saw him coming!
He stopped for a minute and told us his woes before continuing on. What a trooper!
We hopped in our car and after a quick stop at Arby's to get Corby some lunch, we saw him cross the finish line with an official time of 5:12:03.
We were just so proud of him for pushing through and finishing the race!
Run, Daddy Run!
Edda and Mark finished just 3 minutes after him. Too bad we didn't know how close they were or we would have stuck around the finish line to see them cross as well!
Way to go Phillips Finishers!!
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Mom Lori said...

Run Roger Run!

Roger, You are amazing to keep running through all the pain and discomfort - WOW!

Corby and I did a "Corby-sized" marathon while waiting for Roger. I can't believe how far Corby walked!

Emily said...

That is incredible, really. I think anyone who can run a marathon is incredible! If I trained I could probably do it physically but not mentally. My mind tells me I am weak and can't do it and I eventually give in! That is awesome- esp. with everything else he had going on, I'm impressed he finished! Way to go Roger- that is awesome!! Woo!!!