Friday, July 13, 2012

Five on Friday

1. Roger lost his wedding ring this week. We're pretty sure it made it home from Colorado, but we can't find it anywhere in our house. (We haven't looked too hard yet.) Honestly I'm surprised it took 5 years for one of us to lose one. It's a good thing it was Rog and not me because mine would be a lot more expensive to replace! Of course you know as soon as we replace it, we'll find it.

2. I took our new BOB double stroller out for its first expedition this week - on a walk, not a run. I had to pick up a few freezer meals from a member of my committee and take them to a family in our ward. It was about a thousand degrees outside, so even though it was a very quick walk I was sweating like I had gone on a very long run when we got home.

3. After taking pretty much all her naps in her car seat or in someone's arms last week, Peyton had a few rough days of naps this week. I'd get her to sleep and then lay her down and she would instantly wake up screaming bloody murder. Luckily she remembered how to nap in her crib and we are actually on a better schedule now than we were before our trip.

4. One day we were playing in the garage trying to avoid the heat, but get out of the house at the same time. I set Peyton down in a camp chair for a minute while I was doing something and then Corbyn wanted to sit in a camp chair too. And no, I did not plan that their shirts match their chairs.

5. Corbyn had his first dentist check up yesterday. He wasn't thrilled about it, but it also probably could have gone a lot worse than it did. I was so nervous that he would have some cavities, but he didn't have any!
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Mom Lori said...

Did you ever find Roger's ring?

Glad you got the double stroller for your kiddies!

Good job Peyton for remembering how to nap in your crib!

That's funny Corby wanted to sit in a camp chair too. How long did he last?

Nice job Corby and parents for no cavities!