Friday, July 20, 2012

Five on Friday

1. Remember last week how I said Peyton was doing better at taking naps? Well I lied. After a few days of really bad naps this week, I knew it was time to make her learn to fall asleep on her own. It only took one really bad nap where I had to let her cry it out for about 30 minutes before she finally fell asleep and now she has been doing much better. (Fingers crossed it lasts this time!) Now if only she would learn to stay asleep for longer than 40 minutes, we'd be set!

2. All summer I've been meaning to buy a blow-up pool. Every time we'd go to Walmart I looked at them, but I never could decide which one to buy. This week I decided enough looking and thinking about it, I'm just going to buy something. So of course when we went to Walmart, they were all gone and the back-to-school stuff was set up in their place. So I bought one on Amazon and it arrived earlier today. (Bless you Amazon Prime!)

3. Peyton's 0-3 month clothes are getting a little snug, so this week I've been shopping for 3-6 month clothes. I was able to get a lot of good deals because summer clothes are on clearance and that's what she'll be wearing for most of the time she's in 3-6 month clothes. If it cools down in October, I'll just have to add some layers.

4. I've been looking for a good recipe for an orange creamsicle in a cookie or bar for a long time and this week I finally found one. I made these Orange Cream Dessert Squares when we went to dinner at Stacey and Derek's on Tuesday and they were just what I was looking for. I must have been in an orange mood because I also made this Caribbean Salad with Sweet Orange Vinaigrette (without the chicken because it was a side dish). It was also great!

5. Corbyn must be growing because every morning this week he has done nothing but eat! He is always asking me for cheese, yogurt, nemos (goldfish crackers), granola bars, and fruit snacks. He would live on those 5 things if I let him!
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Mom Lori said...

Maybe she'd take longer naps on the camp chair - hehe

Keep us posted on how Corby and Peyton like the pool :)

Sounds like both Peyton and Corby are having growth spurts!

When we live closer, can we trade tastes for tending - the Orange Cream Dessert Squares sounds especially tasty right about now!

Jana said...

40 minutes is the magic number. Noah won't sleep longer than that either... so his cry it out is on the tail end in hopes that he'll go back to sleep. his poor little voice is raspy from all the crying he's been doing.

Roger said...

Both our kids are getting huge.