Friday, September 14, 2012

Five on Friday

1. On Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church my straightener died. (Talk about the worst timing!) I was going to get a Chi because that is what I had before and it worked well, but while I was looking I noticed that the HSI got better reviews and was a few dollars cheaper. I'd never heard of that brand before, but I decided to give it a try. I've only used it once, but so far I like it just as much as my Chi and who doesn't love saving a couple dollars?!

2. Peyton has made great progress with sitting up this week. Now if only she would roll over again... I've been trying to leave her on the ground as much as possible (on her tummy and on her back), but it's hard because she loves her jumper and the bumbo so much more.

3. On Monday night after Corbyn went to bed I realized he only had 2 diapers left. Rog was making a Costco run on Tuesday, so I added diapers to the list. Of course Corbyn used both those diapers before noon, so he spent the rest of the day in one of Peyton's diapers. She's already wearing size 3 and Corbyn wears size 4, so it wasn't that big of a deal. It was just funny that our 4 month old and our 2 year old can both fit in the same size diaper!

4. Corbyn's favorite phrase of the week is, Watch this!" Not sure where he learned it, but it sure has been fun.

5. Glee is back!! Rex did some fancy thing (that I won't even try to pretend I understand) that allows us to record something at their house in Colorado and watch it on Rog's iPad here in Utah. Yay for not having to wait for it to show up on Hulu over a week later!
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Krista McOmber said...

Owen and Nathan can wear the same size diapers too!! I was so shocked at how quickly Nathan flew through diaper sizes!! So funny. Your kiddos are sure cute! Maybe when we're down in Utah next month we can try and meet up... so i can meet those cuties! :)

Mom Lori said...

Love the adorable photo of Peyton and the fun video of Corby - Aren't my grandkids the cutest?