Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On Losing to Utah and Our Very Productive Weekend

Saturday was an incredibly busy day.

My morning was spent on a run without the running stroller (training for the Cougar Run) and cooking. We had BBQ Bacon Sliders for dinner, so I made World's Best Dinner Rolls (AMAZING, totally worth all the extra effort) and BBQ Sauce (eh, I think I'll stick to bottled in the future) from scratch.

Rog's morning was spent changing Meg's oil, washing both cars, and helping someone in our ward move with his little helper, Corbyn.

And Peyton rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time. (Woot!)

While Corbyn was taking his nap, PJ and I ran errands (Wood Connection, Costco, and Kohls). We had dinner and Rog went to the adult session of stake conference while I stayed home and put the kids to bed.

Then we watched the BYU vs. Utah game across the lawn at the Petrosino's house with the kids on the cell phone baby monitor (i.e., we called Rog's phone from mine and put it on speakerphone).

Although we ended up losing (21-24) it was a much better game than last year when we got destroyed by Utah at home.

My favorite Facebook response to the game: "The 1958 BYU Baseball team opted to not play in the College World Series in order to not play on Sunday. The 2010 BYU Women's Rugby team chose to forfeit a quarterfinal game instead of playing on Sunday. And the 2012 BYU Football team chose to miss a field goal at 11:58 pm on a Saturday night to avoid playing on the Sabbath."

Obviously we didn't miss the field goal on purpose, but it was a funny way to look at it and it sure did make us feel better after a narrowly missed opportunity at taking the game into overtime. (Thanks Daniel!) FYI: BYU's official policy is to not schedule games on Sunday - they will finish games that start on Saturday and go into Sunday morning.

During the game I made this little craft.

To go with this little printable I made earlier in the week.

To complete my table for September.

We kept Sunday much more low key to recover from our busy Saturday. We went to our regional stake conference (Elder Oaks spoke) in the morning. And that evening we sat out on our lawn and enjoyed the beautiful evening with some neighbors.

Rog taught Corbyn how to roll down the hill which kept us all very entertained.


Aside from the BYU loss, it was a very productive and fun weekend!
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Anna said...

I just laughed ridiculously hard at that facebook post you found. Thanks for sharing!

Mom Lori said...

I'd call that a very well rounded weekend!

Roll Peyton Roll
Roll Corby Roll

Nice additions to your FOOTBALL Table :)