Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six on Saturday

1. On Tuesday I had a glimpse at what my life would be like if Corbyn and Peyton each had a twin. I watched one of my visiting teachee's kids for a few hours - Carver who is a few months older than Corbyn and MaKena who is a few months younger than Peyton. This time I took a picture of the older kids and not the younger ones. The boys were playing with each other while they had a fruit snack and it was just too cute.

2. The season premiere of NCIS was this week. Last season ended on a major cliff hanger, so we have been anticipating the return all summer long. We are very happy to have everything resolved and know that our favorite characters are ok!

3. On Wednesday I gave blood (something I do on a regular basis), but this time was unique because the first arm didn't work. She said I could be done or try the other arm. I elected to try the other arm because I was already there. I am glad I did, but I did feel completely ridiculous with both arms wrapped up.

4. This month for dinner group we decided to mix things up by going out to eat. We went to Pizzeria 712 and had a relaxing dinner with no kids!

5. Corbyn has been having a lot of trouble with Athlete's Foot this summer. We had it under control, but then he had another outbreak. After a few weeks of putting cream on his feet morning and night with no results, we finally decided we should throw away his shoes and get him new ones. He loves them and his feet are already looking a million times better! This picture is what I got when I told him to pose for me with his new shoes.

6. This week Rog tried Yoga for the first time. I just may have to pack up the kids and go spy on him one of these times because I would love to see what Rog doing Yoga looks like!
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Rachel said...

That yoga comment cracked me up. There is no way I'd let Bryan do yoga without me because it would be the funniest thing ever to see. Take a camera with you when you go. :)

Emily said...

Please do try to get a yoga picture-that would be incredible :)

Mom Lori said...

Bet you wish you had two sets of twins!

You are so very brave to give blood! You do have the rarest blood there is - AB Negative

Glad you enjoyed your relaxing dinner at Pizzeria 712!

Love Corby's pose - there's a boy ON THE GO :)

I would also love to see the Roger Yoga photos!