Thursday, October 4, 2012

BYU vs. Hawaii

Last Friday BYU played Hawaii.

I spent a lot of time making blue and white striped cupcakes for our tailgate party.

Unfortunately they got a little banged up getting there.

But they still tasted great!

The game was finally at a Corby-friendly time (6:00), so the whole family got to come for the first half. Corby talked about going to the "hootball" game all day long. He was so excited that he refused to fall asleep at nap time.

I really wanted to get a good family picture, but as you can see, we weren't terribly successful.

This is the best we did. Poor Corby was so tired!

Grandma Lori took the kids home at half time and put them to bed while we enjoyed the second half. Hawaii is pretty awful, so we easily won. Final score: 47-0.
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Rachel said...

So fun that you got to take Corbyn to the game, what a good Cougar fan he is! (and Peyton too!)

Roger said...

I know Corby looks tired, but inside he is saying "YEAH, WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!!! GO COUGARS!!!!"

Mom Lori said...

Yep - I'm the lucky Grandma Lori :)