Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football and a Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday BYU played Notre Dame. We actually had the station the game was on, so we were able to watch it at our house.

Bill and Mariah came over and we made the most gourmet nachos we could imagine - complete with Cafe Rio pork, guacamole, queso, and restaurant style salsa.

We weren't expecting to win because Notre Dame is ranked #5 in the polls, but we were actually winning for a good portion of the game. Of course we couldn't finish it and ended up losing 14-17. Story of this season - so many games we could have won, but we didn't.

After the game we went to the Red Barn in Santaquin to get our pumpkins.

We've been going there practically every year since we got married and every year it seems to get a little better. This year they had a new slide that was a big hit.

They had this maze last year, but it was much improved this year. Corbyn was our fearless leader. When we had to decide which way to go, he would pick a path and confidently say, "This way."

We also got some fun pictures...

Picked out a few good pumpkins (I think this was Corbyn's favorite part - he loves pumpkins this year and will say pumpkin in a very excited voice whenever he sees one!)...

 And lucked out with this family picture - the best one we've gotten since Peyton was born!

And the night didn't end there. After putting the kids to bed, we watched The Avengers (rented from Redbox). Rog has been dying to see it and I was able to finish this pumpkin from Wood Connection, so we both won.

It was a fun way to spend our Saturday!
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Roger Phillips said...

that was a fun day.

The Goodrich's said...

That family picture is great! Such a cute, fun little family!!

Mom Lori said...

Can we go with you to the Red Barn next year? We'll live up north by then - WOOT!

Love the photos - the family photo is especially good - Can you email that one to me?