Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Weekends are the best when they include...

Getting the high chair out of storage,

garage-cleaning parties,

sitting in the cart for the very first time,

breaking in new pajamas,

and taking blue cinnamon rolls to a Utah fan neighbor.

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Emily said...

Love that you brought blue cinnamon rolls to your Ute fan neighbor!! Funny! I'm sure that they loved them all the same :)

Peyton looks so so big sitting in her high chair. When did that happen?!

Roger said...

hmmmm.... cinnamon rolls. We should make those again, like tomorrow. Ok, we don't need to wait that long. We'll make them tonight.

Mom Lori said...

Good job Peyton on advancing to the high chair and shopping cart seat! Such a big girl :)

Nice job on the garage-cleaning party! Looks amazing!

Love your new PJ's Corby :)

Sure, I'll try a blue cinnamon roll!