Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Chilly Football Game

Last weekend we had a huge winter storm. Like 5 inches of snow.

It was also the last BYU home football game of the season. We played Idaho (who is horrible), it was a late game (8:15 kickoff), and it was COLD (low of 28 degrees). Bronco said the true blue fans would be there and we were.

My parents decided at the last minute not to come up because of the storm, so we had to scramble a little bit to figure out what we were going to do. Luckily KD and Phat Tony agreed to come down from Salt Lake and watch Corbyn and Peyton for us, so we could both go.

We were prepared with layers, blankets, and hand warmers, so we really weren't that cold. And truth be told, the cold football games are really my favorite.

We enjoyed watching the cougars beat up on Idaho (final score: 52-13) while eating our slightly frozen, but still really good last-home-game-of-the-season cougar tail donut.

It's always sad to see the season come to an end - We still have 2 away games and the Poinsettia Bowl left this season, but watching it on tv is never the same as being right there in the action (especially when you have amazing seats like we do)!
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Mom Lori said...

You look so warm and toasty :)

Bill - whats up with the RED!