Sunday, October 6, 2013

17 Months

PJ at 17 months:

*Says so many words it's already getting hard for me to keep track. To name a few, bow, cereal, owl, ow (like ouch without the ch), down, thank you, rella (for Cinderella, but she says it for any princess), Jessie, Buzz, Papa (grandpa), grandma, fishy, dolly, love you, got you, milk, ice, two (when we are counting with Corbyn), and too (when she wants to do something Corbyn is doing).

*Puts words together.

*Makes mmm noises while eating.

*Loves apples.

*Wants to be just like Corbyn.

*Likes to look through books.

*Will finally drink milk sometimes.

*Is to the age where if she takes even a 2-minute nap in the car, she will not take another nap. Sometimes I can transfer her to her crib, but it's better if I can just not go anywhere near naptime.

*Shakes her finger and says, "no, no, no" when we read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

*Holds up 1 finger when you ask how old she is.

*Tries so hard to jump, but can't quite figure it out.

*Likes to hold my hand and "jump" off steps.

*Can climb our tall kitchen chairs.

*Fights being put in her booster seat sometimes.

*Is starting to be entertained by movies for small amounts of time.

*Gets excited when she sees anything Mickey and Minnie. Most days she watches a Minnie's Bow-Toons clip from while I do her hair.

*Loves to play with the dolls at Grandma's house.
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The Goodrich's said...

She is a cutie! And so smart with all her words! Can't believe she is almost 18 months!!