Thursday, October 31, 2013


We have been so so so busy the past week and a half! Phew! Luckily now that Halloween is over things should slow down at least for a bit.

The kids and I went to the Red Barn with Grandma and Grandpa one warm afternoon.

We enjoyed a few more pedal tractor rides...

And many more rides down the slide...

Played in the sand...

And picked out a few more pumpkins...

It was fun to take Grandma and Grandpa to our favorite pumpkin patch!

We went to our ward's temple night. We spent the day fasting for a family in a ward who just found out the mom has stomach cancer. We also went thinking about another family in our ward going through a hard time. I was able to stay awake for the whole session which is a huge accomplishment for me. (The new film is much better when seen in its entirety.) I left feeling incredibly grateful for all of our blessings - especially for our knowledge and testimony of the Plan of Salvation.

On Friday I went to the Pinners Conference up at the Sandy Expo Center with Mariah (and Charlotte). We took a few classes from the Wood Connection and I took a class from Fit2Fat2Fit while Mariah went to a photography class. I love this textured Christmas sign we made in one of the Wood Connection classes, but the Fit2Fat2Fit was my favorite class. His diet is way over the top, but I will probably read his book because I find the mental and emotional side of what he learned from his Fit2Fat2Fit journey totally interesting.

Friday evening we played Boise State. For the tailgate I made Pumpkin Snickerdoodles - they were so so good and easy to make! (Thanks for introducing me to them Megan!)

We let Corbyn go into the stadium to watch the 1st quarter with Rog. He got to see a touchdown and had a great time.

Grandma, Peyton, and I found a spot where we could see the scoreboard and hung out outside the stadium.

Then we sent the kids home with Grandma and I went to the rest of the game. It was a good one. We picked up our 6th win of the season beating them 37-20 and secured a bowl game.

Saturday morning I had our Primary Program practice and then headed back to the Pinners Conference for a few more classes - Wood Connection, Photoshop, and Desserts with a few of the sisters from Six Sisters Stuff.

Rog's parents were in town for his Aunt and Uncle Aagard's mission farewell. While I was at the conference they went to the pumpkin walk at Central Utah Gardens in Orem.

This picture totally cracks me up. The kids do not look happy, but I was told they had a good time.

I met them for dinner at Zupas.

After we put the kids to bed we went on a little date to Trafalga in Lehi for a friend in our ward's birthday. We played Laser Tag - something I hadn't done since I was a sophomore in high school and had no desire to go again. The first game we played reminded me exactly why I felt that way, but I improved by leaps and bounds the second game and now could probably be persuaded to play again! It was fun to hang out with a few couples in our ward without kids!

Sunday night we had our 5th annual ghoulish feast. (More on this in another post coming soon.)

We had a great start to this week with Peyton pulling my decorative table down on herself - breaking a few plates and one of my wood crafts.

And giving herself a nice cut on her forehead. (Just a surface cut - it didn't even bleed. But it does look pretty bad.)

It was also my week to host Joy School, Peyton had her 18 month checkup, and of course Halloween! So more to come, but that's our last week and a half in a nutshell!
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Rachel said...

The pinner's conference sounds so fun! And I know exactly how you feel about laser tag. We went once with my family a couple years ago and I did not want to go and was terrible! But by the second game I got the hang of it and we had a blast.