Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

1. McKenzie and Irving welcomed Mason Michael Perez into the world last Saturday morning (September 28th) at 8:19 am. He was 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long. We seriously can't wait to meet him! (I hope Dixie is enjoying this flood of new babies. Unless Rex and Edda are planning on having another one soon, she's going to have a serious drought after Taylor and Martha have their baby girl in January.)

2. It was my week to host joy school. We learned about the letter D and the number 3 with dinosaurs and ducks. We made a D dinosaur and a feathered duck, ate dinosaur chicken nuggets and donut holes, stomped around to We Are The Dinosaurs, and played Duck, Duck, Goose. (I don't know how moms did joy school before Pinterest.) I think it was a successful first week. Many thanks to my mom for watching Peyton while I taught!

3. We got back our family photos. Here is that one perfect picture I asked for. Love.

4. Today Peyton took the longest nap of her entire life - over 3 hours! It was good timing because I had a lot to get done this afternoon. I just hope it doesn't mean she's getting sick!

5. Tonight we watched BYU beat Utah State 31-14. It means a lot more now that Utah State is the real deal and beating them isn't a given. We got to enjoy the first half on my parent's new giant tv before coming home to put the kids to bed - reason #569 that we love having them live near us!
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Rachel said...

That picture really is perfect!! when we did D the kids also made a D duck and when Jilly got home I asked her what a D says and she said "quack!" We laughed so hard.

The Goodrich's said...

Love the family picture! It turned out great! And BYU only beat USU because Chuckie Keaton was injured and left the game early. It would have been a much closer game under different circumstances. Go Aggies!! (Although you gotta take your wins where you can get them.)

La Familia Pearson said...

That pictures is definitely so perfect. Love your cute family, Shauna! :)

tracy said...

Picture lovel.....

Game :(