Friday, February 28, 2014

22 Months

PJ at 22 months:

*Thinks she's too big to hold my hand when we're walking somewhere.

*Has a talent for messing up her hair minutes after I've done it.

*Likes to put her own lotion on after bath time. 

*Says "I want you" when she wants to be held and cuddled.

*Says thank you and please without needing prompting (at times).

*Loves her Look and Find books and is getting pretty good at them.

*Can swing in the big kid swings.

*Loves jumping on the bed!

*Tells on her brother.

*Absolutely insists that she get herself in her car seat.

*Is obsessed with our Little Critter books (Shapes, Colors, ABCs).

It's hard to believe Corbyn was this age when Peyton was born. I know many of you are probably wondering when we are going to have another baby. I have to wait until after the Ragnar to get pregnant again. Hopefully it won't be long after that because I'm seriously getting baby hungry! 


Mom Lori said...

Absolutely adorable photos of my absolutely adorable granddaughter :)

Love you dear Peyton <3