Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Bowl

We're not huge NFL fans at our house. We'll watch an occasional game if it's on at my parent's house, but we don't schedule our lives around it (as opposed to BYU football). Rog was a 49ers fan growing up. After his mission in Louisiana he became a Saints fan. With most of the Phillips family living in Denver we now have pretty strong ties to the Broncos. If I had to pick a favorite NFL team, it would be the Broncos. I would like to go to a Broncos game someday.

So we were pretty excited that the Broncos were playing in the Super Bowl and we definitely knew we would be cheering for them. (Some years we honestly don't care who wins and watch just because it's the Super Bowl.) 

Zane Beadles (#68) who now plays for the Broncos went to my high school. We had Health together when I was a junior and he was a sophomore. We sat together and became pretty good buddies. I distinctly remember watching the Miracle of Life with him and let's just say you can't watch that with someone without becoming a little more than casual acquaintances. We didn't hang out and we didn't keep in touch after high school, but of all the football players, he's one of the only ones I can honestly say I was friends with. So of course I was excited to watch him play in the Super Bowl. I mean how many people actually know someone playing in the Super Bowl?!

An inside joke with my family is that Jared went to high school with one of the BYU football players. Whenever he does anything in the game we always call him Jared's best friend, so all night we were calling Zane my best friend whenever we saw him (which was a lot).

You can't watch the Super Bowl without some yummy food. For dinner we had Cafe Rio nachos. Peyton enjoyed them to say the least. 

When Our Best Bites posted Game Day Colored Candy Popcorn the Monday before the Super Bowl, I knew I had to make some in blue and orange. Mine didn't turn out as pretty as hers (especially the blue) and we didn't love the taste of it, but it was fun nonetheless.

I also made Brownie Batter Dip which is one of those things I can only make a few times a year because it is too delicious!

Turns out the game was a horrible blowout and not in our favor! That was a total bummer, but it was still fun to watch Zane play!