Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Letter S

Last week when I taught joy school we learned about the letter S, the number 18, and squares.

The first day was snow/snowman themed. I was going to bring in some snow and show them how by the end of school it had melted, but there was no snow to be found outside! 

Then we did this magnet page (based on There was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!) to learn about the number 18.

And covered up all the S's on this page (found here). (I didn't worry about having them cover up the big S in blue and the small s in red.)

We did some puzzles from this Winter Wonderland Pre-K Pack. (I made them back in December for Christmas, but they also worked well for our theme.)

For our snack we had melted snowman (water), snowman arms (pretzels), snowman buttons (craisins), snow balls (powdered donut holes), and snowman noses (mini carrots). (Idea and printables here.)

They ate everything except for the snowman noses.

We made snowmen out of Play-doh which they loved way more than I was anticipating.

I also attempted to have them make snowflakes out of paper, but that was a little advanced for them.

We sang snowman songs (found here) - Including Once there was a Snowman (of course) and a few others. (They liked holding the snowmen and having them melt away one by one.)

Finally we did some snowman bowling. I cut out the noses from orange foam and punched out the eyes and mouths from brown foam then hot glued the pieces onto the mini water bottles. It really didn't take that long, but I definitely will be keeping these to play again in future years!

The second day we did snakes, superheroes, strawberries and squares.

For our snack we had strawberries, strawberry wafers, and strawberry Kool-aid. 

We did a hero and villain sort (found here).

And a Batman color by number (also found here).

We made a snake craft (with squares instead of spaghetti). All the boys wanted their snakes to have more than two eyes - Corbyn's snake had 4 eyes!

We played Snakes and Ladders, but they didn't make it very far. 

And finally I let them dress up and play superheroes (which is pretty much what they always end up doing the last 15 minutes, but this time it actually fit with our theme).

Another fun week of learning!


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Rachel said...

I love it! It's fun to see how much your joy school is catered to boys. Super heroes wouldn't have been too exciting for my girls (plus our one boy.) I love Snakes and Ladders, how fun!

tracy said...

Love it! You put so much effort in to this and it shows!

"Eels and escalators!" (Guess where that's from!)