Wednesday, April 16, 2014


When we moved into our house 4 years ago, I put absolutely no effort into decorating our half bath downstairs. I got a white soap dispenser, a white trash can, and used a blue hand towel from the bathroom in our Union Square apartment. It was really boring and ugly.

Finally in September 2012 I decided I should do something with it. I picked out hand towels, a soap dispenser, rug, and toilet seat cover from Kohl's.

Then I came up with the idea to paint stripes around the top of the walls. It seemed like a simple enough idea - much more difficult in execution. I started with the brown stipe and it turned out terribly. By then it was the holiday season - October I was busy making costumes, November I was gearing up to host my first Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas in December...

I was considering just painting over the brown stripe and abandoning that idea, but I decided to give it another go during Rog's Fall Break. For the brown stripe we used the calk trick, but because that turned out so poorly, I just used a vinyl applicator to make sure the tape was pushed down really well on the blue stripe. That worked about a million times better! In March I finally got around to the tan stripe and repainting the brown stripe. Then on Friday night I touched them up and Rog helped me hang everything on the walls!

Sometime along the way I saw this bathroom shelf from the Wood Connection. I had to order the 2 foot shelf because they only stock the 3 foot and 4 foot shelves in their stores. I got the daisies and stones from Michael's. And I decided to use these daisy lids for the mason jars because I like the way they make the flowers stand straight up.

I made these plaques way back when I originally started the project, but I waited to hang them until the stripes were done to figure out the right placement. 

I'm so happy to finally have this project done! It has seriously been on my to do list forever! Even though Corbyn keeps telling me he hates it (lol, that kid doesn't like change), I'm really happy with how it turned out! And as much as I like the stripes, I will be much more hesitant to do something like that in the future! If it weren't for those, I would have been done ages ago.


Mom Lori said...

Very nice decorating - You've got a real knack for it!