Saturday, April 12, 2014

Conference Weekend

We had an incredibly busy conference weekend - seeing lots of family and watching very little conference. I think next conference weekend I am going to say we can't leave Spanish Fork and if anyone wants to see us they have to come here! Thanks to technology we have been working on watching the talks we missed and we will read them when the Ensign comes!

 Saturday morning was the only session we watched at home. I was busy getting myself ready, making a salad for Mae's blessing, and gathering everything we needed for the rest of the day.

In between sessions we went to Mae's blessing. Some of Martha's family came down from Canada for conference, so it worked for them to do it then. In addition to the Canadians, Roger's mom, Anthony, McKae, and Rocky came from Colorado. We were glad to be there to represent the Phillips family and share in Mae's special day!

We caught some of the afternoon session in the car on the way to the outlets (to find Corbyn a shirt to match Peyton's Easter dress) and then on the way to Toys R Us (where Grandma Dixie let Peyton pick out a few things for her upcoming birthday). She got a new stroller for her dollies (the one she got for her first Christmas was very well loved and ready to be replaced!), a bath doll, and a tea set. We decided to save the tea set for her to open on her actual birthday, but the stroller and new dolly have been a huge hit already!

Not to be left out, Corbyn got to pick out one toy. He chose the Imaginext Batwing and has loved it! 

We had dinner at Cafe Rio and then Rog watched Priesthood with Bill while Mariah and Charlotte hung out with us.

Sunday morning we went up to Salt Lake for the Ririe waffle breakfast. We had a short meeting with the Ririe members of our Ragnar team and then watched the morning session there. I actually got to listen to that session, but Rog was entertaining Corbyn who insisted on playing superheroes.

Peyton loved holding Brady and Kiera's new baby, Miles. She'd hold him for a few minutes, go play, and then come back to hold him again.

We had lunch at my Grandma Ford's house in between sessions and then drove home during the afternoon session. I really tried to stay awake to listen while we drove, but didn't make it long!

We also exchanged treats with some of our neighbors. My original plan was to make blue raspberry cake pops, but those tasted like Smurfs (popular with the kids, but not with adults). So I ended up making lemon cake pops and giving out both.