Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday

1. A friend from my Monticello days (who is now a physical therapist) made me a physical therapy plan for my ankle. After just a couple weeks on it I am back running at almost full speed and with almost no ankle pain! Now I have 10 weeks to increase my distance and prepare for the Ragnar. My longest distance is 6.3 miles, so I think I should be able to do it as long as I can keep my IT band from acting up too much. (It's been feeling pretty tight, so I've been rolling it out like crazy!) Thank you Taylor (and Kristen) for getting me back in the running game!

2. On Monday I decided to put a little more effort into our FHE than normal. I whipped up these Resurrection Eggs to talk about Christ's resurrection and the reason we celebrate Easter. They were a hit! 

3. On Wednesday night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my parents and Jared to celebrate my mom finishing her taxes on time and not having to file an extension this year. (That hasn't happened since Rog has known her, so it is kind of a big deal!)

4. Today I went to Old Navy to get Corbyn a couple new church shirts. His are all too small and they were having a great sale this weekend. Of course I also came away with a few things for Peyton - a new shirt and two new pairs of shoes. As soon as I showed them to her, she had to try them on. Then she absolutely insisted on wearing one pair when she went down for her nap and holding the other. I think we're in trouble with this little fashionista!

5. My dad has been working on installing his sprinkling system and putting in his backyard the past couple of weeks. Rog and Corbyn have been good helpers along the way. Corbyn has been in little boy heaven digging and playing in the dirt. We're excited for many fun times playing in their backyard when they get it finished! 


Mom Lori said...

Hang in there IT band!

Nice Resurrection FHE!

WOOT for no extensions - Yummy dinner :)

Peyton does like her clothes and shoes - She is a cutie :)

Excited for some backyard fun!