Friday, May 2, 2014


Easter weekend we could tell Corbyn was coming down with a cold. On Monday his cough turned into very labored breathing and wheezing like it has so many times this winter. I finally decided to take him into the doctor that afternoon. The doctor ordered a couple breathing treatments and some chest x-rays to get to the bottom of it. And it came as no surprise to me that he has asthma! That totally explains why every time he gets a cold, his cough gets so bad.

His treatment is a couple sprays from an inhaler (with a spacer) every day. Hopefully that will help prevent this from happening every time he gets a cold. And the good news is he should outgrow it. Rog had asthma as a kid and is totally fine now.

Hooray for modern medicine!


tracy said...

So sorry! Hope everything be's okay! ("Be's okay?" i must like making up words!)

Will be okay.

Love the shirt Corby is wearing during his treatment!