Friday, May 16, 2014

Finals and a Big Boy Bedroom

The week before our vacation to Disneyland, Rog had a couple finals and then we didn't have a lot going on (other than packing). 

To celebrate his last final and the end of his first year I made him his favorite treat, cinnamon rolls!

Corbyn also had his last week of joy school. On the last day we had a picnic/party at a park to celebrate.

Because we didn't have a lot going on I thought it would be a good time to start working on Corbyn's room. He had been sleeping in his crib with one of the sides off, but was getting much too big for that. We got him a loft bed, so when Peyton is ready to move in with him, she can sleep on the bottom. While we're at it, I'm redecorating his room to be more gender neutral (also for when Peyton moves in there even though that won't be for at least a year).

We painted the green and blue walls white. I have big plans for decorating the room with lots of color in there, so I thought it would be best to have a blank canvas to work with.

One afternoon I dragged Corbyn with me to Target to find bedding for his new bed. Rog was studying and Peyton was napping, so it was just me and my buddy. If he had his choice we would have come home with Batman bedding, but too bad for him, he has to share a room with his sister!

We ordered his mattress from Amazon. It came vacuum packed and rolled up. Within minutes of unrolling it and cutting off the plastic, it magically transformed into a regular mattress. It was pretty crazy to watch!

He loves his new big boy bed and has done really well with it. I was so nervous he would fall off, but he hasn't.

I originally bought him a blue basic quilt, but after much deliberation decided to go with the green instead because it will go better with Peyton's purple quilt (available in stores, but not online) that will be on the bottom.

So much for an easy week! I was so busy trying to decide on the perfect bedding and get everything set up before we left that I about drove Rog crazy!


Rachel said...

Oh, I love those pictures of Corbyn sitting on his bed so much- what a cutie!!