Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I decided we all could use haircuts, so on Monday night I cut Rog and Corbyn's hair. And then on Tuesday Peyton and I got ours cut at Craig's Cuts. Mine turned out a little shorter than I was hoping for, but it will grow. It was Peyton's first time getting hers cut in a "salon." She was pretty nervous, but did great when it was her turn. 

And yesterday when I did her hair in pigtails, I was dying over how cute they looked with her freshly trimmed hair.

2. I finished my 4th book of the year, French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. It was for my book club and I have to say it wasn't my favorite book ever. It had some good points, but for the most part I thought what she was talking about would be pretty hard to implement in America. For that reason, I enjoyed the end a lot more than the beginning (when they came home from France and realized the way they learned to eat in France doesn't work in America - at least without some adjustments). As soon as I finished, I started reading The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - A Love Story. I'm loving it and haven't been able to put it down - I'm already over halfway done!

3. On Tuesday I had a NST just to make sure Logan has enough fluid and is still doing well. Everything looked great and he was perfectly head down. The next day I had my 38 week appointment and found out the little stinker had turned on me! This new development has given me a whole list of new things to worry about... Prolapsed cord... Version... C-Section... Right now I am scheduled for a Version next Wednesday and then depending on the results, either an Induction or C-Section after. I'm just hoping and praying my water doesn't break and he turns head down on his own before then!

4. Yesterday Rog was finally able to have his LASIK done. Everything went well and he is already seeing perfectly today. And as I put in my contacts this morning I was really feeling jealous - especially because the soonest I could have it done is 3 months after I am done nursing Logan!

5. Last week our new JoAnn opened and this week our Walmart opened. We had a JoAnn before, but it was so, so old and only had fabric and a tiny selection of other crafts. And we have a Walmart in Springville, but it will be oh so nice to have one literally a mile away (although I definitely would have been more excited if it was a Target). It's so fun to watch our little Spanish Fork grow up! 


Rachel said...

You look so tiny to be having a baby that soon!! I hope baby Logan does lots of acrobatics in the next week- at least enough to turn him around. Good luck!! We'll be thinking of you 😘

tracy said...

Best of luck with baby Logan...I keep calling you Mom, hoping for news!

What, no baby "Jesse"? :)

tracy said...

Glad you are enjoying the Pioneer Woman book....we thought they were LDS for soooo long, then they had wine at a dinner party...or maybe we are wrong...