Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last Week

On Tuesday we had a snow day. We were out on our morning walk and it went from nothing to total blizzard in about 30 seconds. It snowed hard for a couple of hours, the kids had a blast playing in it all afternoon, and then it was basically gone the next day. I was most excited that Peyton got one more use out of her snow boots. (It's killing me that she's only worn them a handful of times. At least they were only $10!)

I've pretty much finished everything on my to-do-before-Logan-comes list. (Although I keep thinking of things to add to it, so I'll never really be done!) My hospital bag is packed, I'm preregistered at the hospital, his closet is stocked with diapers...  

Rog has been wanting me to make freezer meals for after he is born, but I told him we were just going to do a big Costco run with our rebate check instead. Freezer meals done and done!

We've been working on finding the right seat belt extender for Corbyn to make sure all three kids fit comfortably in the backseat of our car. After 3 failed attempts ordering from Amazon, I finally figured out you can order directly from seatbeltextenderpros.com and it helps guide you through the process by just clicking on your car make, model, year, etc... (As opposed to on Amazon where you have to measure the seat belt/guess which one you need.) It should arrive in the next few days and hopefully it will be the right one this time!

I've been wearing Rog's shirts to bed which meant Saturday morning after Corbyn got dressed for the day, but before I got dressed for the day, we were Batman twinners.

Just days after our snow day, it was back to beautiful spring weather. The kids enjoyed their Saturday afternoon at the park with dad.

Sunday afternoon Peyton watched Tangled while wearing her Rapunzel dress and holding her Rapunzel magiclip doll. So glad I have at least one girl to be my princess!

(We also celebrated my birthday, but that's a post of its own. Stay tuned!)


Rachel said...

You are so on the ball! Can't wait for that sweet baby! And, I would definitely choose a bit costco run over freezer meals :)