Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday

1. To make up for the dry winter we had, it has done nothing but rain all month. A few weeks ago I heard that we had already gotten more rain this May than 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mays combined!

2. I finally started working on Logan's quilt again. Before he was born I had finished 10/12 of these football blocks. I finished the last 2 and then got them all squared up. Now I can move onto the colored blocks to go around them. I'm hoping to get it finished before Logan is 6 months old - hopefully that's not too lofty of a goal!

3. The Wood Connection posted a picture of this trailer on their Instagram and I've been trying to decide how ridiculous it would be for me to buy it seeing as how I have no intention of ever owning a camping trailer. Rog thinks it would be totally ridiculous, but I just think it's so cute!

4. Corbyn's still too young to play on a baseball team in Spanish Fork, but he's doing their Smart Start Baseball Camp. It's twice a week for 4 weeks. Rog goes with him and practices his throwing, catching, batting, and running. He's loving it! 

5. We started watching Parenthood on Amazon Prime and have been hooked since the first episode! It's fun to have a new show to look forward to watching after we put the kids to bed.


tracy said...

I love the pic of Corbyn in his too big shirt. Reminds me of the "Raymond" episode when the Baron's brought a snack that wasn't on the "approved" snack list (to a T-Ball game) the the Grandpa thought it was dumb because they didn't keep score.

I have hears "Parenthood" is really good. Doesn't it star Lauren Graham and peter Krause (from "Six Feet Under) and have an Autistic child? xoxo Yay for two posts!

Rachel said...

Oh I love parenthood!! I was just thinking maybe I'll watch the whole season over :)